This is a note to everyone, or whoever reads this rather.

This is Erik and I am sitting in Belgrade.  It's been a great year so far.  My only regret is that we haven't been able to get out there and play more shows.  But the plan for this year was to take a break from that stuff and stabilize my life.

Stabilize my life, in SERBIA.  Yep that's right, such a thing as a stable life here does exist, which is not filled with financial problems or explosive relationships.  I'm living it.

I've been blessed by meeting very good musicians to work with and am extra grateful for my relationship with Producer/Engineer Caspar Wijnberg.  I have already finished and released 2 songs with him, Hope & The Asylum.  If you haven't heard them, you need to check them out.  Finally I have reached a good standard of recording to put my vision to tape, finally I met a producer who fits with what I want to do, and I'm about to move to an apartment 3 meters away from his studio.

The live band is an equally positive thing.  Last year I was in some stupid cliche rock tension, with members in ego battles, hurt feelings and all sorts of other tensions.  So I just let it collapse.  Better to start again fresh if it becomes like that.  "One bad apple spoils the whole barrel" as the saying go.  So I decided, Belgrade is the place, London is SO NOT the place...for me... So I started again finding people here and convincing them to follow me.  This time one step at a time, rather than all in "you're in the band" sort of thing. I made it clearer it's my band and they are playing with me.  The division between studio and live stuff cemented this as well.  

So now here I am, ready to make the best recordings I've ever made, satisfied in every aspect of my life and loving living in Belgrade!

Stay tuned for more.  Now booking for 2015.  If you want to do us a favor, you can of course call up your local clubs and see if they're interested in getting us a gig, if they are, email me :)