The Difference

Greetings from the Czech Republic.

What's the difference between being a good musician and a successful musician?  Getting the hell out there and playing as much as possible, really doing it......................

Here we are now in the middle of a 3 month tour.  Pure insanity.  It's intense. Everyday brings new struggles and people's nerves are getting tested constantly.  Every day a rich mixture of tears and laughter.

After this I'm going to have a holiday.  I'm flying to Israel, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia in hopes of discovering something new.  

It's all about paying dues though, to keep on going and eating shit.  I see steady progress in my dream from 2008 to now and I just need to keep pushing it in different ways.  I'm 30 now.  It was a big relief to pass that line, past the saturn return.  I tell you the whole thing looks a lot more doable now.  At this point it's just a question of adjusting the equations so that they lead to success.  

Equation number one is my own inspiration.  The most mysterious of all.  I still don't know what makes me take one of my ideas and turn it into music and what makes me want to take that music and travel around performing it for thousands of people.  Maybe i'll never know.  But a few things I've realized recently. 1) my inspiration is incredibly personal and private and it needs to swell within myself before other people can get involved in it 2) there are lots of misses for every hit 3) songs need time to grow inside of me before they are ready to come out.

Sometimes I look at our set and really wonder how I managed to write all these songs.... 

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