"A world of freedom chanted: Worldly Savages"

Google translation of an article written in Romanian, I'm offering this without comment, cause I think it speaks for itself. -Erik:

"Worldly Savages: FOLK PUNK ENERGY contagious with Ethno Music spiciness." Broadly. In short: Music. Hopping. Freedom. They were born in 2008 in Serbia. Since then a (u) raised in Toronto and London, and maturity has come on the road, with every concert that I had around the world. With a musical style that is redefined with every concert, singing borderless, nomadic style with one thought: not to restrict never.

Now, have come to mature and Romania. My way. Thursday night. Clujana.

Red stairs, covered in marks, dust, all began to be lowered curious minutes after midnight. Foreign, 6 pairs of legs fast, they had to play barefoot, they let down when yet time gap between now and midnight. At 11:47 p.m. I lowered myself. Not just with two legs, but with a decision: do not forget! I entered the dance! A seemingly morning dance, if you skip count steps, but at night, if you managed to watch a language gaze. Steps that are arrhythmic because you look and feel and its looks. Close your eyes to feel among eyelids and eyelashes makeup: rhythm, resonance, 'soon I'm gonna move from the city and find my freedom! "Everyone dances to freedom. On stage, the bass, see bare feet, shod and talents would fetter. However, if it boots, put them curly hair, a Scottish accent and become a he, a Ben. After singing microphone. Sing in a soul that is released singing about total freedom. Behind him, the same red pants that were illegal in Tijuana bar in Belgrade. He is perhaps the most feral of wild wandered on. In the bulletin it simply says Erik. He also says Canadian now residing in Belgrade. The microphone has another appointment. When he gets tired before the calling too wild, Erik is changing so-called megaphone. Call breath intimidate him when the microphone. The result is a rhythm of clapping beat many pairs of hands that rise.

Behind accordion, comes from the eye, pull and flaps, pull well! Welcome! Before him, is a violin. And Ursula, the only daughter of,, singers savages ". She wearing a tight, colorful. Sing fingers, fingers that caress graceful but powerful violin strings. The Latin is worn with long hair, (a) caught and step lively. Long dress with leggings to keep up. It Ivo. His right arm, which replaced the leggings with a guitar, he says Britton. The audience tells him not to forget the way up magic, increased finger tips.

Every song has a story. Story that began it's the story continues. It's a story many stories that are regenerated every song. This is for all those who have no home-home. Now I understand! Paradoxically, you always home with you. A human snail.

Freedom dancing in circles ever wider, as the clock go through space for hours before. Before too. Through the crowd, eyes closed and steps crisper. And lively! People still knotted in their dance. A tie salt. Two jumping boots. A hat hangs up. I feel. They sing. Bisss.

Romania in one word for those of Wordly Savages ... That can not be! "Says Erik, looking at me with big eyes. I explained then that they already have feelings and memories of Romania, more. How many? As many as can be fulfilled in an opening of branches, fresh descended the stage. And his broad smile shows that enough. Back, waits a bunch of new friends and beer, that is, very cheap ". However, longer time. Until tomorrow, when the road will take them to Scotland.

How traveling? With a van. It's like a hippie van, says Ben, shoes on asphalt covered the early morning, before the club was left feral price that evening. ,, Maybe, with boots, we take the cases and uncertainty. You're free down (empty) on earth. "To be and that's just a thought."

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  • Babis
    And that summed it up perfectly, I guess. :D

    And that summed it up perfectly, I guess. biggrin

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