I basically stopped writing here in September right after I jumped into the World of my band full time.  Since then it has been every single day in this mess of the glorious struggle to carve a place of ourselves in the world of music.  I guess i'm so inside it now that I don't know how to possibly relate it to the world.  The other feeling is that writing about it is kind of betraying this world that I now live in non-stop, telling its secrets, exposing its struggles and triumphs.

Or maybe I feel like I should no longer be the one writing directly about it.  There was a girl here for dinner the other night who is writing an article about us.  Let her spread the legend.

The reality of our situation is that we are a group of people thrown together in our common desire to travel with music, brining with us all of our humour, talents and intelligence but also all of our neurotic tendancies, insecurities, flaws and anti-social tendencies.

There's no choice other than to grow in a situation like this.

But as for the stories.  Nothing I want to write here right now.  

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