Trans-Cultural Blender

After spending this year sleeping in 72 places to date, playing shows in many cities and countries my mind is churning with a sort of trans-cultural experience that is very energizing. More than ever I feel humanity split between cultures, different restrictions which allow different aspects of the human nature to be lived and expressed.  Culture is your operating system.  Is the operating system using all of the features of your genetics, body, mind and soul?  Probably not. It's cozy to stick to a specific culture and not go outside and ask yourself what the possible range of being to live out would be if you just moved a bit beyond the mentality that you currently inhabit.  

I'm traveling now......... But soon I will go back to Belgrade and settle down a bit.  It's been a long long trip of many experiences and lessons along the way.  London and the Worldly Savages group formed thereof certainly taught me a lot about life and the meaning of what I'm doing with this project.  But now it's time to get back to the roots of the project, which is me as an individual in Belgrade, vis-a-vis the set of possibilities of human feeling opened up by the balkan culture.

I started learning the accordion today.  It's already a "wow" in terms of the possibilites it will open up for song writing.  I just push the buttons and out come chords.  WOW!  Then I sing on top.  YEP.  That's what I need.  Time to do the droney stuff I"ve been meaning to do for a while, which guitar could never provide.  I'm looking forward to that when I get in Belgrade.

I'm going to get my own place there.  Start living a healthier and slower lifestyle, more doing what I want when I want.  Less hustling around and bossing other people around.  I need to regenerate from those last two.  Probably because of this there will be no next European tour until spring 2014.

But, stay tuned for the future of my music.  It's going to be a great one!