Version 3.0

Well well well.... 
Here I am, I haven't written here since last August in London, when I announced the Passing Clouds Equinox party as the last one in London...

Well it was and it lead to the dissolution of the London WS lineup.  What have I been doing since then?  Living in Belgrade in a stable way, repairing my mind and heart to leave the past behind, making a new vision for the future, writing new songs, recording new songs and putting together the new Belgrade based lineup of Worldly Savages, which is now renamed Erik & the Worldly Savages.

The nature of life is that it is constantly changing and well with all the glory and the sadness sometimes it's easy to lose yourself in it all, dwell on the past and hold resentment about things, but really the best thing you can ever do is take actions right now to feel good now and make the future that you want for yourself and that's exactly what I've been doing so far this year.

New music is happening.  Shows are happening and going to be released and shows are happening (in less than 2 weeks).  So stay tuned for the new direction of my music and my journey!!!

Thanks to everyone for the support.