business is good!

 So my plan for Worldly Savages when I came to London was to make it into an actually functioning business, A gypsy punk upstart.  It was rough at first.  All I had was a portuguese guy and a dream, sitting in the room I wasn't earning enough money to pay for trying to figure out how the hell we were going to find a violin and accordion.  Somehow during November, we decided to start booking a European tour as a major order of business, before we even knew who was going to come on it.  

So we started, firing in the dark, but sooner rather than later, it all came together.  By the end of November a new lineup was born and by the middle of January we were out and gigging.  A legendary European tour in April and lots of notable moments in the UK since then and I'm happy to say that everything I dreamed of when I left Toronto has now come true.

Now we're ready to take it to the next level.  We're going to live in Serbia to record there and kick the booking and music making machine into high-gear.  We've set a goal of 150 shows in 2013, which we will start booking next week.   It's all so fucking crazy.

You have no idea how much hard work and hard lessons it's been up until this point, but it's all so funny now.  We've just got to keep on going.

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