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So I've been thinking about the new biography for WS that I need to write...... It's kind of fucked up to have to write about it. Over the past few years I've witnessed how much information gets absorbed by people and well it's hard to decide how to represent my band at this point in light of how media and promoters tend to interpret information.  Let's analyse some of the often generalized things:

-The band started in Serbia. That doesn't mean the band is from Serbia. It's not from Canada. It's not from UK. It's from all of these places. Sort of like me, mixed... But most people's attention span can't begin to comprehend that a Slavic-German-Celtic-Anglophone from Canada would go and start a band in Serbia and join with people from many different countries and travel around Europe playing music. It's not digestible enough as information and the answers create more questions than they answer. So it's easy for a venue just to put up posters saying we're from Serbia, or Canada, or who gives a fuck.

-The band makes party music, IT'S TRUE. but that doesn't mean there's no message. Yes part of the message is to drink and dance and throw yourself into cathartic abandon, please, if the music makes you do one thing, please let it do that. Party party party. Scream. Jump. Let our concerts inspire you to have magic mushroom driven orgies until sunrise while clutching a bottle of absinthe in one hand and your childhood teddy bear in the other thrusting into the absurdity of the universe. But please also think about what keeps you from feeling able to have those moments in your life and all those mundane emotional states and social obligations that keep you from feeling the authentic and strange feelings that you hide away in your soul.  Think about all the things that stop you from being an honest and emotionally authentic human being, I beg you.  The message is to party and the message is to think, to feel, to release the beast, but not mindlessly. If you think it’s just frivolous and superficial, you got the wrong idea. It’s the opposite.

-There is a message to the music, but that doesn’t I’m a serious person, or I’m against anything or think you should change your life.  I'm not an activist as you might imagine them...I enjoy and accept all this thing this recklessly out of control civilization has given us: the social inhibitions, the class systems, the millions of shitty plastic products, the bad dirty food, the pollution, the decay, the turmoil, the existential confusion, the monotony, the schedules, the formality, the jealousy, the greed, the propaganda, the education, indoctrination… AND ALL THE MORE SINCERE STUFF. My message isn’t typical activist shit about being against this or against that.  I am pro-everything! It’s more than anything a spiritual viewpoint. I eat meat, I take pride in the affluence in my language and world-view, I like to make money, buy stuff, I’m shamelessly hetero-sexual and masculine, I have bank accounts, credit cards, I think the system is on the whole pretty good…….. What am I singing about then? I am just on the whole bothered by society and the way it railroads people towards mediocrity, ignorance and complacency in a civilization where our leaders are, to put it lightly, not very good examples of human potential.

-The band makes ‘gypsy’ or ‘balkan’ influenced music, buit it’s not just that. Whatever you want to call it. I’m no gypsy and I’m not from the Balkans. I’ve exposed myself to both of these influences extensively and think I have done so on a very deep level where most who have tried have done it only superficially and I’m happy with the result. However, I think that growing up in Moore Park in Toronto, or being half from a Slovak German family, having a dad in the music business, etc. is just as influential and integral to my music than whatever I picked up from the Balkans or the gypsies……

-Yes, I’m fucking crazy, but I’m also other stuff. The band works on discipline, I drive this as a leader. I’m a very sensitive person, I feel this all the time. I consider myself a well-rounded person who is interested in a wide range of aspects of life. I can control my emotions. And yes, I have a frightening side of myself that even I don’t understand which has madness which wants nothing more than to be sprayed out onto the audience and that's part of the thing. I’m a complex and varied human being who has a strange mix of characteristics, I’m not just the crazyman singer on stage. I’m also a computer technician with a very refined customer service touch. I’m a good son/grandson who loves his grandmother and parents. I’m an entrepreneur, businessman. I’m a pervert. I’m a philosopher.... I’m whatever. I’m sure you’re very varied as well.  Don't be so fucking surprised when you see me pounding shot after shot of hard liquor while reading tarot cards, watching videos of cute little kittens and talking about the necessity of discipline and "standards of excellence".... It's all me!

So at this point I’m going to admit that I’m a little lost at how to describe all this in bite sized stuff to be sent out to media and promoters and fans. If you read this whole post, you’re one of the very few who cares about any of these things in depth, and thank you for that, but as a slogan I’m just going to stick to the thing I wrote in New York City in March 2009.

“Contagious Folk-Punk Energy with Ethno Music Spiciness. Wild, engaging music to fight boring post-modernity.”


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