Okay... Things are starting to shift and this term in London is coming to an end and I'm being launched into the new era of Erik in Belgrade with his band, touring as much as possible.  It's exciting.

London has done good things for me.  Really good things, I love it.  It's also been miserable, stressful and made me a bit more of a cynical asshole, I must admit.  But in the end, I think I will look back on this experience in this city as an important part of the journey.

To do the sort of thing that I'm doing, I have to go outside of my comfort zone, just like I did moving to Belgrade, the same was coming here, especially the experience of getting a full time job.  I hate this lifesyle of working Monday to Friday all day........... It's not for me.  A version of it is, and the discipline of it is for me, but the idea of having a job like this for more time than I have this year (8.5 months) is frightening.  It's only all the wonderful stuff that's been happening in the band that keeps me going.

My advice to anyone who wants to do something with music, come to a place like London and whatever you have to do to scrape by. Just don't stop.  The process will strengthen you and prepare you for the seriousness with which you need to take your artistic pursuits.  After all I've been here, what I want is now clearly in focus and I'm ready to just go with it.

I've got a team of people who also share the vision and I have no doubt that we will work together and make it happen.  There's no other way.

Belgrade will look different after this, rather than a place where I go to drink, fuck and talk bullshit, it will be a place where my dream will start to grow.   Okay, well it has always been that sort of place, but this time it will be more so... Cause I'm closer to living the dream now!

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