Well I'm at the airport.

After 10 nights in Toronto....  The place where I grew up!

It looks different now that I've lived in London for a year.  I've spent my time trying to not let the city wind me up, trying not to get angry at this wannabe World City, wannabe cultural capital... My only excuse to not get angry at it is that I really don't have to live here and I don't.

With that being said, I had a nice time.  (Hi Milica [g raf detail])

What always strikes me about this place is how rich it is.  How the average person has money to throw around in a way that in Europe they just don't.  Either they don't have that money or they don't throw it around.  Different places different things.

Everything is so expensive here these days.  This is the Switzerland of North America.  The same level of cleanliness, the same level of cultural and lifestyle limitation in order to ensure that everybody gets the promised and prescribed 'good life'.  

I got so fucking sick of everything here.  This was the case since I hit puberty when my father took me to Vienna, Prague, Bratislava when I was 13.  

Not only am I from the Switzerland of North America, I'm from one of the most affluent neighbourhoods....  Surrounded by money.  

And indeed I managed to clean up a bit while I was here.  Old clients of my computer business.  Money money money.  So easy.  But that's not everything in life.  I could make so much money if I decided to stay in Toronto.  I've got the class, the intelligence and the practical skills to make it happen.  But it won't satisfy my soul. Hence Worldly Savages, hence what I'm doing now.

I've told people over the past few years that I like the way Toronto is going, it's just not fast enough.  Surely I will never feel the feeling that I feel in Belgrade that I do in Toronto... Impossible! Surely even what I experienced this year in London cannot be found in Toronto.  Every city is different.

But all in all I'm glad I grew up here.  But now is time for me to 'make it' in the old world, the regions that my grandparents left, that's where I need to be. 

So Europe here I come again!!!!

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