"You gotta eat shit if you wanna be a star"

On the recommendation of Bob Lefsetz in his newsletter, I listened to the interview with American talk show host Jay Leno on this site: http://www.jaymohr.com/mohr-stories.php

I'm not a huge fan of Jay Leno and his style of humour, but I found this interview completely fascinating, especially where he talked about what he went to in his quest to be a star........... most notably being homeless in LA, getting arrested for vagrancy, etc.  

You look at a guy like him and it's hard to know what he went through to get where he is, but if you listen to this, you'll see.  There is no easy path to become someone like that. It takes time and effort.

It just proves that those who do actually succeed in a business as tough as entertainment tend to be the ones who just have such an unstoppable quest for success that they are willing to do whatever it takes (even sleeping in alley ways) in a single minded quest to attain their goals.

It's inspiring.  Really inspiring.

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