north west

England is a place on an island of North West Europe.  I spent most of the last year on the South East of the North West of Europe, in a city called London.  It's fucked.   Island mentality totally.  Separated from…


Sometimes I'm surprised that the meaningness of life is not pondered by the general populace of the earth on a more daily basis.   Or maybe it is, as an undercurrent.  What I mean is the general lack of any sort…



Well I'm at the airport.

After 10 nights in Toronto....  The place where I grew up!

It looks different now that I've lived in London for a year.  I've spent my time trying to not let…

on the edge of the next chapter

There's something about being about to embark on a big change in my life that makes me feel really kind of fragile and slightly sorrowful.  

In 2008 when I decided not to live in Toronto anymore and that I…


Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America bam bam bam. Mix it all up and you've got characters like me. I feel like I didn't really have a choice in the matter, my genetics and upbringing kind of forced me…


Okay... Things are starting to shift and this term in London is coming to an end and I'm being launched into the new era of Erik in Belgrade with his band, touring as much as possible.  It's exciting.


"You gotta eat shit if you wanna be a star"

On the recommendation of Bob Lefsetz in his newsletter, I listened to the interview with American talk show host Jay Leno on this site:

I'm not a huge fan of Jay Leno and his style of humour, but…

business is good!

 So my plan for Worldly Savages when I came to London was to make it into an actually functioning business, A gypsy punk upstart.  It was rough at first.  All I had was a portuguese guy and a dream, sitting…

Life and its inherent misery

Life is indescribable. It’s the sum total of everything you could possibly feel on your journey. There’s absolutely no way to get away from that intensity. Some choose suicide. Some choose the security of mediocrity.

I’d like to think…


Life is a battle. I truly believe this. You need to fight every day to ensure that you get what you want from it. It’s also a business. You need to make deals. You need to focus on growth (on…

How to describe it...

So I've been thinking about the new biography for WS that I need to write...... It's kind of fucked up to have to write about it. Over the past few years I've witnessed how much information gets absorbed by people…