with Ethno Music Spiciness. Wild Music with a strong message
to Fight Boring Post-Modernity!"

Part Eastern European, Western European & North American, Worldly Savages has been a cosmopolitan and international band from its inception. Started in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008 by Erik Mut, a musician from Canada of Slavic, German & Celtic mixed-ethnicity who made many trips to Serbia to find creative inspiration. The band grew up in Toronto, Canada & London, England and matured touring all around Europe.

Erik continues to be based between London, UK and Belgrade, Serbia where he is currently working with a professional crew of mainly Serbian musicians experienced in the local rock, classical and folk music worlds and a Belgrade based engineer/producer/bass player from Amsterdam named Caspar Wijnberg (Amsterdam Klezmer Band, The Saints).

With over 260 shows in its history, the different manifestations of Worldly Savages is an established live act in Europe having played festivals like Colours of Ostrava in Czech Republic and Boomtown, Bestival, Secret Garden Party and Sunrise festivals in the UK.  The band has found a natural home in many of the European continent's most established venues for eclectic music.

The band has taken a break for recent years, playing fewer shows, so that Erik could build his global business, Support Adventure which changes people's lives in line with the bands message which he was always singing about: To go beyond one's culture and become a citizen of the world.

Worldly Savages is now booking for 2020 and 2021.