Never forget the North Star:  

Through all the temporary ego highs of being a musician and inspiring people with my music and performances, making money as an entrepreneur in business and all the lows which also come, please everyone could you remind me that I am above all to contribute to people's lives and society and that is my lasting happiness. I'm here to give you what you need to reach the next part of your journey: even if it's heartbreak, rejection, stinging criticisms OR inspiring insights, contagious passion and new visions for the future, and I expect the same from my friends. :) I'm here to make a difference in people's lives with my personality, in my own outrageous and extreme way, and that's part of my Aries/Libra full moon soul. You may love me and hate me, sometimes at the same time, but I'm here to be your thunderbolt when you need it. 

Yours truly, 

Interview with Romanian newspaper 

Interview Worldly Savages for Ethnorama, Bucharest, 5/5/16

Why Worldly Savages? 

ERIK: When I was naming the band in 2008 I wanted a name which represented the idea of being a global citizen, sophisticated and compatible with many cultures combined with the idea of living from the heart and indulging the beast inside oneself which fits into no culture. 

Tell us a bit about your roots as a band, musically speaking. 

ERIK: When I was getting into making music as a teenager, I was into rock bands like Radiohead, Post-Rock like Godspeed You Black Emperor and Indie Folk like Neutral Milk Hotel among others.That’s all still in there.Later I added influences of Hip Hop (mostly lyrically) and a strong influence of World Music from around SE Europe and of course anything else that inspired me. Then there’s the voices and melodies in my head, who knows where they come from. 

How did Toronto or London or both together affect what you are today as an artist? 

ERIK: Toronto is where I grew up. It’s by measurable standards one of the best places in the world to live, so how can I complain? My Central European father always told me it was the suburbs of the world.He was right.It is where culture goes to die, with nothing authentic of its own, just stale ideas from other places.The struggle there for me was to make something which felt actually authentic and to find people who that feeling resonated with, so I got used to listening to my musical heart and not caring what other people thought, which really helps now. 

London was a place where I went with the band’s sound and message already developed, looking to spread it.It worked well and fast, making me work harder and rewarding me for that. But London was not a place culturally for me to live and be creative long term.It inspired songs like March Towards the Madness and Glass Cage, which were rejections of Anglo-Saxon culture and the restraints it places on people and their emotional beings. 
In the end, I feel much more inspired by my life in Belgrade, watching the western world from a place not fully enclosed and dominated by it. 

What would your message be to all of the people who listen to your music? 

ERIK: Find a way to express the passion in your heart and to make it somehow valuable to the world and people around you, without caring what anybody thinks of you when you are being true to yourself. 

How about to the people who do music? 

ERIK: Same as last question, just to be incredibly relentless and disciplined in applying this. 

Tell us a bit about your new album? 

ERIK: Our new album Culture vs. Destiny, out in September is the product of 2 years of finding direction and passion living in Belgrade as a singer songwriter working with Dutch producer and bass player Caspar Wijnberg and recording with great musicians, we strived to take the Gypsy Punk genre beyond its clichés to a new level of weirdness and complexity. 

What are your musical preferences and how did they influence your own productions? 

ERIK: I tend to like musicians who are passionate and charismatic, when you can see that they are being themselves when you watch and listen to them. That influenced me in being who I am in my band and not trying to be popular or trendy but really telling my own story from my own heart.I’m also an intense person emotionally, so I like every type of music which tends towards that and if you listen to my music, the intensity is there. 

The festival you’re playing in Romania pretty soon, Etnorama, is about diversity, about different cultures. It seems like you’re right where you should be. How do you feel about the way diversity influences a cultural space? 

ERIK: This is one of the important questions of this time.What is diversity in the 21st century?I grew up in Toronto where more than 50% of people, including most of my family were not born there, however, I can say that people there did not behave very much in a culturally diverse way, it seemed that they were more there to forget their past and history and accept the White North American middle class lifestyle.Is that diversity?Not the one I idealize.I idealize cultural diversity in which people can express their own values without having them unnecessarily compromised by the dominant culture in that place. 

What does your music bring to this diverse environment? 

ERIK: The violent catharsis of rejecting the insular Anglo-American cultural values which threaten to destroy all other diverse cultures, languages and feelings on this planet, told by someone who was born in and experienced that culture who is using Serbian/Balkan culture as a weapon to revive feeling and authenticity in the European heart. 

What should the people expect to see on stage, at Etnorama Festival? 
ERIK: 6 dudes playing intense and fun music which makes them want to drink and dance and if they listen closer, think about their lives and their passions. 



This is a note to everyone, or whoever reads this rather.

This is Erik and I am sitting in Belgrade.  It's been a great year so far.  My only regret is that we haven't been able to get out there and play more shows.  But the plan for this year was to take a break from that stuff and stabilize my life.

Stabilize my life, in SERBIA.  Yep that's right, such a thing as a stable life here does exist, which is not filled with financial problems or explosive relationships.  I'm living it.

I've been blessed by meeting very good musicians to work with and am extra grateful for my relationship with Producer/Engineer Caspar Wijnberg.  I have already finished and released 2 songs with him, Hope & The Asylum.  If you haven't heard them, you need to check them out.  Finally I have reached a good standard of recording to put my vision to tape, finally I met a producer who fits with what I want to do, and I'm about to move to an apartment 3 meters away from his studio.

The live band is an equally positive thing.  Last year I was in some stupid cliche rock tension, with members in ego battles, hurt feelings and all sorts of other tensions.  So I just let it collapse.  Better to start again fresh if it becomes like that.  "One bad apple spoils the whole barrel" as the saying go.  So I decided, Belgrade is the place, London is SO NOT the place...for me... So I started again finding people here and convincing them to follow me.  This time one step at a time, rather than all in "you're in the band" sort of thing. I made it clearer it's my band and they are playing with me.  The division between studio and live stuff cemented this as well.  

So now here I am, ready to make the best recordings I've ever made, satisfied in every aspect of my life and loving living in Belgrade!

Stay tuned for more.  Now booking for 2015.  If you want to do us a favor, you can of course call up your local clubs and see if they're interested in getting us a gig, if they are, email me :)


Version 3.0 

Well well well.... 
Here I am, I haven't written here since last August in London, when I announced the Passing Clouds Equinox party as the last one in London...

Well it was and it lead to the dissolution of the London WS lineup.  What have I been doing since then?  Living in Belgrade in a stable way, repairing my mind and heart to leave the past behind, making a new vision for the future, writing new songs, recording new songs and putting together the new Belgrade based lineup of Worldly Savages, which is now renamed Erik & the Worldly Savages.

The nature of life is that it is constantly changing and well with all the glory and the sadness sometimes it's easy to lose yourself in it all, dwell on the past and hold resentment about things, but really the best thing you can ever do is take actions right now to feel good now and make the future that you want for yourself and that's exactly what I've been doing so far this year.

New music is happening.  Shows are happening and going to be released and shows are happening (in less than 2 weeks).  So stay tuned for the new direction of my music and my journey!!!

Thanks to everyone for the support.



London again 

I'm in london once again, the city which I can thank for jumpstarting the success of the past year and a half.  Don't get me wrong, it could have happened anywhere, but the energy of this city was instrumental at launching it.

And this is also a city where I know I will never be able to find my soul unless i'm able to get famous bring lots of money.  If that happens, it might suit me great... 

But instead I'm a poor muscial dream chaser.  So Belgrade suits me much better.  

London has just brought to head my existential angst though.  It was always there.  What was going to help?  A life of my own design?  Done that.  Sex with beautiful ladies?  I've done that.  Standing on the stage and being adored for my music?  I've seriously started doing that.  

Still the confusion of being.  The unconscious will to numb my feelings with alcohol.  I'm sorting through it.

The only solution is to make more music.  I'm feeling it.  But the music I'm making now is a slight departure from the last group of songs, which this year and last year me and the lineup have literally run into the ground.

One of the main reasons for me creating this band was to attract like minded people.  I've done that.  But still so few are like minded enough to truely not be freaked out by the intensity of my thought processes and feelings.  I feel steady on my path to become someone whose music you love but whose personality you can't stand.  Or that person who you see every freedom and everything you want in your life as a lover but then breaks your heart so carelessly and in such an insensitive way.  

If you know me really well, as few do, youll know that i come from a really perfect place, a neighbourhood in the centre of Toronto called Moore Park where money was never an issue, people are honestly good and classy, don't cause each other problems and don't have unrealistic expectations of life.  The affluence of that neighbourhood is a specificness that is bonded to me forever.  It gave me the message that life was on my side.  And it is. 

The decent life was never the problem.  But somewhere along the way I wanted more... The longing inside my being had to see and understand everything.  Through all of my self-discovery I've in the end gotten more confused.

I made it in London. I could stay here longer and make it more.  But something about this Island never worked for me.  Something about this culture.  Same with Canada, but I had to come to the source to understand it greater.  Now I do and I honestly say that Anglo-Saxon culture is wonderful, great, fascinating and it's no wonder that this was the one that conquered the earth in such a massive way.  But in its core is something so violently opposed to what I stand for, my savage heart, that I will continue to pick and choose parts of this culture and others until I have found a sincerity that really satisfies me.

London london.... this ultra cosmopolitan box that i have fallen in.  It's time to break the ties and cut the cord.............

September 21st at passing clouds.  That's the last show in London.  Until I have a wealth of new songs.

Trans-Cultural Blender 

After spending this year sleeping in 72 places to date, playing shows in many cities and countries my mind is churning with a sort of trans-cultural experience that is very energizing. More than ever I feel humanity split between cultures, different restrictions which allow different aspects of the human nature to be lived and expressed.  Culture is your operating system.  Is the operating system using all of the features of your genetics, body, mind and soul?  Probably not. It's cozy to stick to a specific culture and not go outside and ask yourself what the possible range of being to live out would be if you just moved a bit beyond the mentality that you currently inhabit.  

I'm traveling now......... But soon I will go back to Belgrade and settle down a bit.  It's been a long long trip of many experiences and lessons along the way.  London and the Worldly Savages group formed thereof certainly taught me a lot about life and the meaning of what I'm doing with this project.  But now it's time to get back to the roots of the project, which is me as an individual in Belgrade, vis-a-vis the set of possibilities of human feeling opened up by the balkan culture.

I started learning the accordion today.  It's already a "wow" in terms of the possibilites it will open up for song writing.  I just push the buttons and out come chords.  WOW!  Then I sing on top.  YEP.  That's what I need.  Time to do the droney stuff I"ve been meaning to do for a while, which guitar could never provide.  I'm looking forward to that when I get in Belgrade.

I'm going to get my own place there.  Start living a healthier and slower lifestyle, more doing what I want when I want.  Less hustling around and bossing other people around.  I need to regenerate from those last two.  Probably because of this there will be no next European tour until spring 2014.

But, stay tuned for the future of my music.  It's going to be a great one!

The Difference 

Greetings from the Czech Republic.

What's the difference between being a good musician and a successful musician?  Getting the hell out there and playing as much as possible, really doing it......................

Here we are now in the middle of a 3 month tour.  Pure insanity.  It's intense. Everyday brings new struggles and people's nerves are getting tested constantly.  Every day a rich mixture of tears and laughter.

After this I'm going to have a holiday.  I'm flying to Israel, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia in hopes of discovering something new.  

It's all about paying dues though, to keep on going and eating shit.  I see steady progress in my dream from 2008 to now and I just need to keep pushing it in different ways.  I'm 30 now.  It was a big relief to pass that line, past the saturn return.  I tell you the whole thing looks a lot more doable now.  At this point it's just a question of adjusting the equations so that they lead to success.  

Equation number one is my own inspiration.  The most mysterious of all.  I still don't know what makes me take one of my ideas and turn it into music and what makes me want to take that music and travel around performing it for thousands of people.  Maybe i'll never know.  But a few things I've realized recently. 1) my inspiration is incredibly personal and private and it needs to swell within myself before other people can get involved in it 2) there are lots of misses for every hit 3) songs need time to grow inside of me before they are ready to come out.

Sometimes I look at our set and really wonder how I managed to write all these songs.... 

(un)perfect music 

so, 3 months in the studio learning hard lessons about life as a recording musician.  I have to say it's driven me insane.  

Time to deliver this incarnation of the vision of Worldly Savages, warts and all.  

I'm closer than ever to getting the sound i want on tape, but still so far away also.  The new Worldly Savages recordings are better than anything before, closer to my vision.

I can only trust that you people will see the character and intent behind the music that we've made and that this will please the fans.

So, enjoy it!

slavic germanic self torture. 

I can't get rid of this obsession of mixing slavic and germanic cultures.  My mixed ethnic background makes it such that I'm confused where one starts and the other begins.  I am both in one.  Thought and feelings giving credit to both of them all the time.  Thus I can't decide which type of society I want to live in.  Slavic societies are true expressions of authentic, unfiltered humanity, letting it all hang out.  Germanic societies are expressions of cultivated civilization, controlled and neatly organized.  

I think the big problem is my slavic german grandparents grew up in a city and a time when they had both readily available, Bratislava of the 1930's.  Then NAZI movement came and blew the whole german thing out of proportion.  The backlash of that?  Miserable Russian communisim brought on Bratislava, my grandparents choosing rather to leave than live it.  Ending up in Canada forever freezing the previous image of the world they grew up in as ideal well cursing the relative uncomplex nature of the new world's god damn easy life.  They passed it on to me somehow and through my own experiences traveling I confirmed everything.  The mix of Slavic and German is the one for me.  

There's a tender side of Slavic culture that Germanic doesn't get and there's a willpower and self-determination part of Germanic culture that slavic doesn't get.  Somehow with the interbreeding of thoughts, emotions and genetic tendencies, I get an overdose of both of them.  I'm so emotionally tender that I had to hide my heart away behind a wall of central european machismo.  Discipline and organization are over done in my head.  So is feeling.  I've got a typical slavic tendancy towards dark deep and depressing philosophical thoughts that exist somewhere in between real life and my inner fantasy world.  My mind is a scary place with a recipe for an ourageous degree of narcissistic self-satisfaction to the point of mania and ecstasy that comes when I manage to balance the forces of being me in such a way that it all comes together perfectly.  That's where my music comes from.

That's all inside of me.  Then there's billions of other people on this planet with whom I have to interact.  It's a constant source of wonder, confusion and amusement.  I'm an only child of two only children, which means I essentially, in my own mind, believe that I'm the centre of the fucking universe.  me me me..... Okay, so where does that leave others?  They can join the party, if they choose.  And they chose... 

Somehow I managed to decide to play music, to have a band, wrote the songs and got the people.  Convinced them to drop their lives and move to Serbia.  Now we're here!  I feel guilty that I'm more confused than ever.  A confused leader who is not self aware enough to assume the role.  It's not because I'm lacking in confidence.  I've got plenty of that.  I suppose there's just a dark shadow of my personality that contradicts the main portion and constantly questions.  Dooms me to a life of confusion.  I know exactly who i am and what I'm here to do, except on a day to day basis, the moods and feelings within me are constantly spinning me away from that.

I've got that escapist tendancy which I wired to alcohol.  Seems to be the sort of one that killed many a great musicians, most recently Amy Winehouse, for example.  When life feels like it's too much, turn to drink, says the voice in the head.  Drink drink drink.  You'll feel less immediately.  The more you drink faster, the less you'll feel.  I understand that stuff perfectly.  It just seemed really damn convenient to be able to blast away emotions like that.  In October when we came to Belgrade, we were 6 living in 2 rooms.  The only way I could go to sleep was by drinking about 1L of wine.  You'd think the hangovers would teach, but they don't.

But the body can only sustain that for so long and now my body has given me the heads up that it's time to change and for this I'm thankful.  Lately I've swapped the daily drinking for daily workout in the gym.  It feels really good.  Every morning I get a good sweat and I'm slowly working out of this mental hole I've built for myself.  I won't go into great detail about the repetitive menacing thoughts which race through my mind constantly, but excercise really helps!!!

Why the hell did I ever start living in Belgrade.  Well in 2008 I moved here because I knew that there was a whole dimension of human being here that I could never discover if I stayed in Canada.  Whole levels of myself I could only reach in a place like this.  People here are as confused about life as I am or at least the ones who are are allowed to feel that way.  It opened up the gateway to a lot of self discovery.  Now that stuff has gone through my system so many times it is one with me and I focus my eye on going out into the world and pushing my insanity out there in a musical form so everyone can see it and dance to it.  

I just don't understand how me, the person who is the most overthinking and over feeling person makes this music that makes people forget everything and just enjoy and party on an intense level, but I guess I just decided it. where is this going though?   Can I really reach greatness with this or will i sabotage myself?  I'm learning more about making music and about myself every single day. It's all quite shocking.

One thing is for sure, I want nothing more in life but to touch people with the music which I brew in my soul.  Everything else is secondary. EVERYTHING.

--This is Erik Mut, I send you greetings from Belgrade!